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Why Small Groups? Small groups are about believers mutually caring for and encouraging one another in accountable relationships by growing in Christ-likeness through God's word, worship, prayer, and witness. Our ultimate purpose in small groups at Emmanuel is Discipleship: to make lifelong followers of Jesus Christ  in all nations, who are living obediently, growing in maturity, bearing fruit ,and being transformed into Christlikeness. We believe that small groups can be the primary vehicle and the best context for discipleship. Sustained life change takes place best in the context of intentional relationships with other believers. We want people to be growing in community with other believers. We believe that a person who is continuing to mature in his faith is meaningfully and regularly connecting with other believers. As someone has said "Spiritual growth happens better in circles, than rows."

Therefore, our desire is to see EVERY PERSON at Emmanuel committed to one SMALL GROUP or BIBLE STUDY where they can:
  • Grow in their knowledge, application and obedience of God's word;
  • Be involved in corporate prayer for the body of Christ;
  • Experience authentic Biblical accountability for spiritual growth;
  • Build significant relationships with other believers
  • Genuinely care for the needs of the body and having their own needs met;
  • Use their spiritual gifts; and be involved with outreach and multiplication

When & Where do Small Groups Meet? Our Small groups meet every week, in different homes throughout the County or at our Church Building, on various days and nights during the week. They cover various topics, have various ages represented, but all have the same format. A typical small group meeting lasts about 2-3 hours, and consists of Bible study, discussion, prayer, accountability, perhaps worship and food. Our hope is to place you in a group on a day or weeknight  that works for you and is in close geographic proximity to where you live.

How Do I Join a small Group? After you have had a chance to attend a Newcomers Luncheon and foundations I, and have had a chance to get to know us and for us to know you we can work to find a small group that is right for you! We do recommend that you check out our Small Groups Covenant here. Check out the list below of the Small Groups that we have and see if perhaps there is one that might be a good fit for you. Then fill out the form and someone will get back to you. Please note that some groups are "open" which means available and some are "closed" which means that they are in full or not taking in new pepoel at this time. Thank you for taking this important step in your Spiritual walk and getting connected to the body of Christ here at Emmanuel.

Current Small Groups:

Location: Picton   Leader: Shawn Hippern    Date/Time: Tuesday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Closed

Location: Picton   Leader: Kevin Spafford     Date/Time: Wednesday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Open  *Men only

Location: Big Island   Leader: Richard & Kim Parks     Date/Time: Thursday's 6:30-9:00pm   Status: Open 

Location: Wellington   Leader: Ray Fitton & Peter Chapman     Date/Time: Tuesday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Open 

Location: Carrying Place   Leader: Brian & Kristina hankyle     Date/Time: Thursdays 6:30-9pm   Status: Open 

Location: Bloomfield   Leader: Sylvia Lawrence     Date/Time: Wednesday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Closed  *Women only

Location: Emmanuel   Leader: Paul & Maureen Pryce     Date/Time: Wednesday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Closed 

Location: Emmanuel   Leader: Mark & Dewey Larratt-Smith     Date/Time: Thursday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Open

Location: Bloomfield   Leader: Suzzanne White    Date/Time: Thursday's 6:30-9pm   Status: Closed  *Women only


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