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Backpack Ministry

This year the Backpack Ministry served 6 farms and 34 migrant workers. Our outreach is as much a testimony to the farm owners as it is to the workers. Aside from giving each worker a full backpack, we also supply them with items such as rubber boots, clothes, and other necessities. This year each worker was also supplied with a new hoodie. We even had a goat donated - which was thoroughly enjoyed! Our Caribbean Evening had many of the workers, and farm owners, attend, plus workers from other parts of the County!

Two of the workers from Waupoos, who happened to come to the Caribbean night asked us for Bibles. The Backpack Team keep in touch with the workers even though some have left the County for other work.

Here are some of the things they need: 30 medium & large men's hoodies (can be lightly used if in very good condition), coats, raincoats, men's socks, shoes (used -all sizes), rubber boots, back packs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable razors. bandages, tylenol or aspirin, facecloths and towels, hand towels, pen and paper, granola bars, anti-perspirant, vaseline or hand cream, shampoo, work gloves, toques, cooking pots with lids, Bibles and simple reading material. A Tim Horton's or No Frills card with any amount!! 

Needs and prayer requests

Large backpacks. Please pray for the workers who go to farms further west for summer & fall crops. They often work twelve hour days - seven days a week, with no opportunity for church or community. Contact: Bill and Maryann Barrett brindlewood@gmail.com