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If you are an active member of Emmanuel and are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting on March 14th 2021, and have not appointed someone to vote for you by Proxy, you are able to vote via Email below. Please read each motion below that is being voted on at this years AGM and vote accordingly. Deadline Email Voting is 12pm on Sunday March 14th. 

Annual General Meeting Booklet

2020 AGM Minutes Click HERE

*PLEASE NOTE: You can vote for each motion individually OR Vote YES TO ALL at the Top of the page

Vote Yes to ALL Motions
Motion 1: That the agenda (with any additions) be approved (Page 2 of AGM Booklet)
Motion 2: That the minutes of the 2020 AGM be approved (Attatched Document Above)
Motion 3: That the Auditor’s report be approved as presented (See Document Above)
Motion4: That the accounting firm of Eric Reynolds be appointed as the auditor for the 2021 financial year
Motion 5: That the proposed budget for 2021 be approved (Pages 4-6 AGM Booklet)
Motion 6: Constitutional Change. Section 1: Meetings of Membership: The government of this Church and the oversight of its affairs shall be by the Elders, with the consensus of the active membership/partners. A duly called meeting of active membership means, that it is properly announced at least two Sundays before the meeting date. If a quorum of 34% of active membership is not present the meeting shall be adjourned. Active members shall be considered present whether in person, or by electronic means. Active members submitting proxy votes, will be considered as present for the purpose of the vote, and counted towards quorum. (AGM Booklet Page 2)
Motion 7: That the following bylaw change be approved: Article 3. In all matters where a vote is necessary, 75% of those active members present shall be required. Proxy votes will be accepted from active members only, and must be submitted through an active member. (Page 2 of AGM Booklet)
Motion 8: That the Membership of Emmanuel Baptist Church approve of the actions and decisions of the Board of Directors and its Officers for the term of office since the last AGM.
Motion 9: That the meeting be adjourned
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