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Hey Emmanuel, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but we believe in small groups at Emmanuel! We have quite a few of them! If you feel the need to know why, then you can click here, but feel free to keep reading!

As we are preparing to launch our small group ministry again in the fall as we do each year, we have decided to put together a survey. WAIT! before you bail on me,  I have good news, it is just ONE question! Here it is: Why are you NOT a part of a small group at Emmanuel? What stops you? What would you say the problem is? Please feel free to be as HONEST as you can, there is no judgement here! (Answer below)

And oh, if you are a part of a small group at Emmanuel, please answer the question, Why are you in a small group? What keeps you there? Thanks Everyone, looking forward to hearing your answers! 

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