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You will be amazed at the relevance of the story of Esther, and how it fits into our current time and circumstances.  It is a story of how God, in His sovereignty, weaves His purpose into the events of our lives.  This is truth to live by. 

Join us Sunday Mornings at 9 am starting September 13th for our next Series in God's Word. Also available online at our YouTube Channel EmmanuelLifeNetwork. Allow God to transform your life through His Word. Get notes from each message below. Also watch any of the messages at our YouTube Channel here.

Esther Message One Notes - God Moves in a Mysterious Way

Esther Message Two Notes - Living a Grace Filled Life

Esther Message Three Notes - Overcoming Evil

Esther Message Four Notes - Living in the Presence and Power of God

Esther Message Five Notes - Standing Alone

Esther Message Six Notes - When all seems lost, its not

Esther Message Seven Notes - In His Time