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It's time to get back together again.  Join us on Sunday September 13th 2020 at 9 and 11 am for back to church Sunday

The Church has been online (and still will be), and we have been active in our communities with the love and truth of Christ. Now its time to meet together again, to build each other up, to encourage one another, to equip each other, or as we say at Emmanuel: to Connect, Serve, and Grow.

What is involved with Back to Church Sunday?

We will be starting the weekend off on Saturday Night with a Marriage Night Simulcast.

Pastor Peter will be leading us through a new message series through the book of Esther called "For such a Time as this".

We will be launching our Fall small groups. We encourage everyone at Emmanuel to be involved in a small group, bible study, or ministry group, where they are connecting relationally and growing spiritually

We will also be starting up our Fall Ministries such as: Mops, Surge, and more. Stay tuned for more details to come!