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Regent Theatre About Emmanuel Picton: Church at the Regent

 Why does church have to be in a church?  In fact, the church  is not really a building, it is the people who are followers of  Jesus.  With that in mind, and realizing that there are a lot of  people in the County that are really not engaged with  traditional ‘church’, a new and exciting way to explore  Christianity will be starting at the Regent Theatre in April. 
 Starting Sunday, April 23rd, Emmanuel Picton will be  having meetings every Sunday morning at 10 am at the  Regent Theatre in Picton. Led by community pastor; Dan  Dayton. There will be great music, a message of hope,  video's, personal stories, and there will be something for  children as well.
Emmanuel Picton is a work of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bloomfield, and nothing changes in Bloomfield. Services will still be held at 9 and 11 am every Sunday in Bloomfield.